autumn 2016

Coming up in the Online Pastor Facebook group this autumn:

Sundays: Church Check-In
Mondays: TGI Monday
Tuesdays: Bible studies and Big Issues
Thursdays: Open Mic Night

Starting next week (Tuesday 6th September) we’re going to have alternate Tuesday nights as online Bible studies and Big Issue discussions. I’ll let you know more details about how these will work nearer the time.

On Thursday nights, instead of the Online Pastor Clinic, we’re going to try an Open Mic Night. That means anyone can post about anything! It could be a question, so if you would have asked it at a clinic you can still ask it at the Open Mic. But it doesn’t have to be a questions – it could just be something to share, something to pray for, something that made you laugh or cry. Or it could be something that you just need to get off your chest in a safe space.

We’ll still have Church Check-In on Sundays, and I’ll post the TGI Monday episodes each week to watch and chat about.

I love the suggestion of an Online Pastor Alpha course and I hope very much that we’ll be able to do this, or something very similar, in January. It’s going to need a bit more organising than I can manage by next week though. But you can definitely be praying that I can find a way to make it work, and thinking about who you might like to invite to be part of it.