God RESTORES us to joy

King David had what I would call a ‘yo-yo’ life, full of moments of success and happiness followed by times of failing to live up to God’s standards.


But what makes Paul in Acts call King David a man ‘after God’s own heart’? I think in some ways we can see the answer in Psalm 51. It’s seen in how he responds to adversity and his struggles with sin.

In Psalm 51:12 David prays:

Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.

only God can bring him true joy

He doesn’t hide or ignore from the problem of sin, he confronts his problem head on by calling out to God! He knows that only God can restore his relationship with him and bring him true joy. And remember this is a King who is saying this too, a man with power, wealth and earthly possessions but ultimately even he realises that these things can’t bring true peace and contentment. For that he calls upon God, who will restore and uphold all those (whether they are kings or not!) who come to Him.


David’s life is a model of how to respond when we stumble and sin. When you sin are you as keen as David in asking God to forgive you and to restore your joy?

Sports coaches often make the point that how you respond to disappointment and defeat is even more important than how you respond to victory and when things are rosy! Is the same thing true of our sin?

Today, spend some time thinking about your sin and admitting to God the different ways you’ve failed him. Pray for forgiveness and restoration. You could use David’s words from Psalm 51 to help you know how to pray.