Holy Week and Easter

It seems impossible but this coming Sunday will be Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week as we remember the events leading up to Good Friday and then Easter Sunday. Here’s some things going on and some ways to engage with this most important season in the church’s calendar.

Christians all over the world will be celebrating Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday. This year, you and your churches are invited to express your part in that global celebration by using social media in a simple way. Please invite people in your churches to take a photo of your Easter Sunday service and share it on Twitter, using the hashtag #resurrectioncelebration. As pictures are shared from across our partner dioceses as well as here in Lichfield the hashtag will start to ‘trend’ and become more widely visible. Be creative! More information here.

The Sentinel Cross
Sun Mar 20th – Sat Mar 26th. Holy Week tour of the Sentinel Cross. Making its journey, one day each from Burslem, to Tunstall, to Stoke, to Longton, to Fenton, to Hanley, and then to Newcastle. More details at

Lent Appeal
This year the Lichfield Bishops are supporting The Children’s Society, who provide reliable friends and advocates for orphans and children in care. They also work in Israel and this Appeal will support a number of the most needy students (and their families) to receive a good quality education at Episcopal Christ School in Nazareth, run by the Diocese of Jerusalem. More information here.

This film telling the story of a Roman soldier investigating the mysterious disappearance of the body of Jesus of Nazareth stars Joseph Fiennes and is released on March 18th. There are lots of free, official resources to go along with the film with more coming soon.
Good Friday Live

Luke 24:1-6

Cannonball (Guvna B)

Palm Sunday
What’s Good About Good Friday?
Sour Wine
Holy Saturday
The Empty Tomb
Dangerous Easter Eggs

I’m going to be posting daily through the week with thoughts, images, prayers and brief videos following the story from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. I’ll link things up here, but if you want to follow in real time, you’ll want to be in the Online Pastor FB group, and following me on Twitter and Instagram (@lfonlinepastor).