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Jesus calls us to radical discipleship, that is, following him without setting any limits on it. He teaches us to love our enemies, to forgive countless times, to give extravagantly, to obey wholeheartedly: to live without limits.

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LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS is an online discipleship series for Autumn 2015. Each week there will be a short vlog on Youtube, challenging us about a different aspect of radical discipleship, and introducing a key Bible passage from Matthew’s gospel. Regular conversation starters and opportunities for discussions will be hosted on Twitter and Facebook. Devotional resources related to the weekly themes will also be available on Instagram and Facebook.

discipleship copyLIVE WITHOUT LIMITS is designed for anyone who wants to follow along online. Let people in your church, your youth group, or your university or school Christian Union know about it. All the info will be here, on FB and twitter so make sure you’re following!


Why not use the LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS series as the basis for your autumn programme for young people, students, or even house groups?

Here’s some ideas and resources to help you do just that.