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Why not use the LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS series as the basis for planning your autumn programme for young people, students, or even home groups?
Here are some ideas for how that could work:

• You could show the videos each week and use the prompts as a basis for group discussion.
• You could take the Bible passages I mention and use them for a more detailed Bible study on each topic.
• If you don’t meet every week, you could choose which themes to use but then encourage the group to engage online in the other weeks.
• There will be a dedicated online space for leaders to share ideas and resources for planning a session based around the themes. All the graphics will be available to download and use on your own website or printed material.
• It would be an easy way of encouraging your young people to get into the habit of their own regular prayer and Bible reading, using the daily devotionals on Instagram and Facebook.
• You could plan to bring your young people to some of the events listed and let people know about other related events going on.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the series, I’d love to hear them. Email me at

Here’s the schedule, to help with your planning:

Aug 31st: FOLLOW without limits, Matthew 4:18-22

Sept 7th: REJOICE without limits, Matthew 5:1-12

Sept 14th: OBEY without limits, Matthew 5:17-30

Sept 21st: LOVE without limits (i), Matthew 5:43-48

Sept 28th: WORSHIP without limits, Matthew 2:1-12

Oct 5th: PRAY without limits, Matthew 6:5-15

Oct 12th: TRUST without limits, Matthew 6:25-34

Oct 19th: LOVE without limits (ii), Matthew 10:37-39

Oct 26th: SACRIFICE without limits, Matthew 16:24-28

Nov 2nd: FORGIVE without limits, Matthew 18:21-35

Nov 23rd: WITNESS without limits, Matthew 28:18-20

Download all the information here.

Copy the graphics here (click for larger versions):

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love without
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