LOST… and dead

So far this week, we’ve seen that the Bible says we’re lost without God, without hope, that we’ve turned astray and gone our own way.

But things are even worse than that. Ephesians 2:1 says:

As for you, you were dead in your transgressions* and sins.

*transgressions are when we break the law

Without Christ, it says, we were dead. Walking dead who had no connection with the God of life. We ignored God, we disobeyed God, we chose to live our own way without him… and so we cut ourselves off from the source of life.


One of the things we all know about being dead is that you can’t make yourself alive again. Dead people are absolutely helpless.

But God specialises in making dead people come back to life! He is the source of life in the first place and he brought Christ to life after he died on the cross.

That is amazing!

If you’re a Christian, God has brought you back to life. WOW!

Today, spend some time praising God for saving you when you couldn’t save yourself.