love to pray (i)

One of the best books I read last year was a very, very short book called ‘Enjoy Your Prayer Life’ by Mike Reeves.

I wonder whether, like me, you sometimes think of prayer as a chore. Maybe it’s something you know you ought to do, but don’t really enjoy doing.

The thing about prayer, that this little book explains so well, is that it’s not a thing you ‘do’ and can get ‘better’ at. Instead, prayer is simply the way we express our faith in God. As we trust God more, of course we will pray more.

Look at the older folk in your church, the ones who have lived their lives with Christ for decades. The ones whose faith is obvious in every word they speak. Are they also the faithful pray-ers in the church? I bet they are!

If you’re struggling to pray, spend some time reflecting on who God is and what he has done for you. Think about his faithfulness, his power, his love for you. Try reading a psalm to help you with that. And then let your lips open in prayer and praise.