PRAISE God because he MADE us

People make some AMAZING things on Minecraft. Here’s a few of the very best:

How much more awesome are you, with all the cells and tissue and organs that went into making you? How much more awesome that you’re a thinking, acting, living being? Some people have made simple computers, playing guitars and other great stuff on Minecraft. But no one’s made anything like a human brain.

God made you. Every part, put together so that it works to make a person. A living, breathing, thinking person. A person who can make jokes, who can solve problems, who can imagine fantasy worlds. That’s INCREDIBLE.

Psalm 139:14 says: “I praise you because I am fearfully* and wonderfully made.”

*Fearfully means ‘amazingly’ or ‘awesomely’ not ‘scarily’!

Write down ten AMAZING things about yourself. You could ask other people if you can’t think of enough! Then look at your list and thank God for making you SO AMAZING.

One of the best ways to praise God is to sing! Maybe sing along to this video, or find some other Christian music you like and do some private karaoke. 🙂