prayer doodling

Have you ever tried to pray and found yourself drifting off to sleep? Or your mind suddenly full of stuff you’ve got to do that day? When you read the Bible do you find it hard to really think about what it’s saying?

If so, then prayer doodling is for you! All you need is a pen and some paper.

As you read the Bible, you could note down things that seem important to you. Maybe questions that you want to think about or something that needs to change in your life.

Or, you might find it helpful to sketch out something in the passage. Or simply doodle while you think.

You could note down things you’re praying for – why not use different coloured pens for thanking God, asking for things, praising him, and so on?

Here’s some examples to get you started, but you don’t have to do it like I do! Use your imagination and find what works for you. You can see that the goal isn’t beautiful artwork! It’s just to spend time with God in a way that engages more of yourself.

pray doodles


work doodles