Christians all over the world will be celebrating Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday. This year, you are invited to express your part in that global celebration by using social media.

Simply take a photo of your Easter Sunday service and share it on twitter, using the hashtag #resurrectioncelebration


As pictures are shared from around the world, including our partner dioceses as well as here in Lichfield the hashtag will start to trend and become more widely visible. For this to happen, it needs as many people to use the hashtag as possible – not just one person in each church!

How can you help?

1. Remember to tweet your own picture and use the hashtag.

2. Tell your church leaders about the idea and ask them to publicise it in advance.

3. Tell your friends online about the plan. It doesn’t matter what sort of church they go to or where, if they’re celebrating Easter Sunday, they can join in.