stand up to bullying

It’s National Anti-Bullying Week in schools.

In 2010, 16% of children reported being bullied face to face, 8% on the internet and 5% via mobile phone. By 2013, this ratio had reversed; making cyberbullying (12%) more common than face-to-face bullying (9%) with most cyberbullying occurs on social network sites (SNSs)

Cyberbullying can be even more difficult to stand up to than face-to-face bullying. It’s there every time you turn on your phone. You can’t just leave it behind at the school gates. And even if you do tell your parents or teachers, they won’t always know how to make it stop.
This article suggests several things that parents, teachers and victims of cyberbullying can do to stand up to the bullies. There are also some great links with more information.