start the week with scripture (ii)

Happy Monday, everyone! I had a good start to the week at 7am today courtesy of my new magic Breville Hot Cup and the tea I drank in bed as a result of it. Highly recommended!! [This is not a sponsored post.]

This week we’re thinking about another very short parable of Jesus from Luke’s gospel. Maybe this is one you didn’t even know was from the Bible!

He also told them this parable: ‘Can the blind lead the blind? Will they not both fall into a pit?The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher.

Luke 6:39-40

The answer to the first question is obvious, isn’t it? A blind person isn’t helped by having another blind person lead them. They need a seeing person or, probably better, a guide dog!

Jesus applies this analogy to a particular situation – the student and the teacher. Students learn from teachers, not the other way around.

How un-PC! You couldn’t say that on a teacher-training course these days! And, of course it’s true that sometimes teachers learn a lot from their students. But nonetheless, the teachers are (or ought to be) the ones with the greater depth and breadth of knowledge and understanding, to help the students set their ideas and experiences in context.

Who do you learn from? In particular, who do you learn from about how to live as a Christian? Who do you learn from about how to build your faith? Who do you look to as your teachers and how do you know you can trust them?

How do we make sure we aren’t grasping the hand of another blind person, as in the parable, who doesn’t know any more about what they are doing than us?