summer devotions 2015

There are three sets of daily readings for the summer, each lasting two weeks. You can work through all six weeks over the summer holidays, or just pick one set to do when you’re away soaking up the sun. As well as the lists of readings, there are all kinds of other resources to help you make the most of these.
If you’d like to chat about how the readings helped you or any questions they sparked, you could do that on Facebook. Every so often, I’ll post conversation starters over there, but don’t feel you have to wait for me to get the conversation going! Share with us what God has been saying to you and let’s learn from and with each other.
If you start the series on Monday July 20th, you’ll be finished with all three sets by the August bank holiday, ready for something new starting in September.

Bookmark the daily readings here, with links to the Bible passages online.
Start following @lfonlinepastor on Instagram to receive daily visual reminders of the readings, along with brief notes to get you thinking and praying.
I’ve put together a playlist of Christian music which you could listen to while you’re reading and praying, or at other times during the day to remind you what you’ve been thinking about. The Spotify list is a little bit shorter because I couldn’t find all the songs I wanted there.
Spotify playlist

Youtube playlist

Printable list of readings
Printable prayer doodle sheets for work | rest | pray
These have the readings for each day along with space for you to make notes, jot down prayers, or just doodle while you meditate on the readings. For more ideas on using the doodle sheets see here.
Printable colouring sheets
work 1 | work 2 | rest 1 | rest 2 | pray 1 | pray 2
Colouring is a great way to take time to meditate on God’s word, as well as being wonderfully relaxing and fun. Why not take some coloured pencils or felt tips on holiday with you this summer?!

If you’ve got a bit more time available over the summer, why not use some of it to read a Christian book? This can be a great way to think more deeply about an issue. Here are some suggestions of books which will help you to think about work, rest or prayer:
Thank God It’s Monday by Mark Greene
Time for Every Thing? by Matt Fuller
Crazy Lazy by Alastair Begg
Refuel by Kate Middleton (not that Kate Middleton!)

Rhythms of Grace by Tony Horsfall
Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung

Enjoy Your Prayer Life by Mike Reeves
Too Busy Not to Pray by Bill Hybels
Our Father by Richard Coekin