tgi monday

tgi monday

What is TGI Monday?

TGI Monday (Thank God it’s Monday!) is a weekly online chat show, which is part of the Diocese of Lichfield’s Online Pastor ministry. Every week a panel of five – including our trusty cameraman – discusses a question sent in by one of our viewers. The shows are less than ten minutes long and between us we represent a diverse range of Anglicanism. From time to time we also record TGI Extras – interviews or discussions in more depth on particular subjects.

Where can I watch the shows?

Find all our previous episodes on our website here.

Who is TGI Monday for?

Anyone! You don’t have to be a Christian or a church-goer. We don’t assume that our viewers have any specialist knowledge when we answer the questions that come in.

How can I send in a question for the show?

Email us at or fill in the form here.

I’d like to chat about the show. Where can I do that?

On our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!