we need a church!

we need a church!

We need a church

Findings from a recent survey conducted by the Reaching New Generations 19-35 team.

What are young adults looking for in a church?

“Hospitality, discipleship, encouragement; opportunity to serve and lead.”
“A good community and a strong support network. Opportunities to serve and use my gifts.”
“Help me to grow spiritually by integrating me into the church community through activities outside Sunday morning services, like small groups.”

The most common things young adults valued about churches were discipleship (40%) and a welcoming community (37%).
Young adults value friendships with those of all ages: you may not have lots of young adults in your church, but you can take time to get to know those you do have.

Not all young adults are happy in church: 27% felt excluded or unwelcome in church; 11% mentioned feeling judged in church.

“Christians are often in their own bubble talking their Christianese!”
“Being expected to be a ‘good’ Christian straight away and feeling as though if you mess up you are written off.”
“It would be great if they had a place to ask tough questions, have a discussion and get some answers.”

How can churches be accessible and relevant?

Effective MISSION; meaningful WORSHIP; contemporary CULTURE.
Young adults are looking for churches that will support and equip them for mission.

“We need to be doing church everywhere, everyday – this makes it ‘attractive’. Go to the community and take Jesus there!”

What’s NOT important to young adults: None of those surveyed mentioned buildings; only 2% talked about what we do in church services.

What matters to young adults is who we are.

Positive feedback outweighed the negative. Churches are already welcoming, encouraging and loving young adults

More than anything, we need to create churches which truly love, care and are willing to make sacrifices for their young adults if we are to pass the baton on.

We need your church.