weekly round up 13th jan

There’s some great events coming up, some resources to sign up for, and lots more in this week’s round up:

Open Doors have released their latest ‘Watch’ list of countries where it’s most dangerous to be a Christian. Some are obvious and others I had no idea about (Eritrea, anyone?).

70 years ago this week when the United Nations General Assembly convened for the first time, the chosen venue was a thriving church – Westminster Central Hall.

Krish Kandiah reflects on the connection between Christianity and politics, with a Prayer For The Day from Radio 4.

On a more personal note, the girls at More Precious are talking about patience, and Threads are asking why questions are such wonderful things.

OPEN ME are offering a series of six devotions around the theme of integrity, one of which will be written by me! They are particularly designed for anyone who works with young people. Sign up here to get the devotions and a bonus gift.

Glen Scrivener is well into is mammoth self-imposed task of vlogging through the Bible this year. Individual Reading Between The Lines videos are well worth watching even if you can’t manage every day!

30th Jan: St Martin’s in Walsall are hosting GRAVETALK at 10am

We’re not good at talking about death, dying and funerals, but it is something we all have to face. GraveTalk is a space where people can talk about these big questions.

27th Feb: Cinders & Embers is an event that hopes to enable people, churches and communities to redeem the creative world in order to release people further into their true identity. £10 including lunch.

If you have suggestions for items to include in next week’s round up, please get in touch!