what can a university chaplaincy do for you?

I’m thrilled to have a guest post from David Weller, one of the chaplains at the University of Wolverhampton, explaining what chaplains can offer students. This article is from the Student Network newsletter. Read the rest of the newsletter here and sign up here to receive them straight to your inbox twice a term.

David Weller with a statue of a tiger

Training in tiger taming, perhaps?

Firstly here’s wishing every one of you who’s heading to University this Autumn God’s blessing. It might not always feel like it, but you’re about to embark on an amazing journey. Enjoy it, it’s a cliché but the time will pass very quickly.

All Universities will have a Chaplaincy Dept. who will do their best to help you once you arrive at University. There will be full time and part Chaplains, who can direct you to student friendly churches, we offer endless cups of tea/coffee, meeting rooms, spaces for prayer and meditation and plenty of free Christian literature and magazines. You will also find that Chaplains are there to listen, counsel, advise and pray with you if things get too much. All conversations are always confidential. We don’t do shock and whatever the issue and however deep your faith or not, you will be warmly welcomed.

Depending on the size of the University you attend you might find Chaplaincy holds Sunday services and run study groups. A great way to grow your faith and ask your questions.
Look us up, you’re welcome!
God Bless,

Rev David Weller
Senior Chaplain University of Wolverhampton

Thanks, David!

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